2012 BMW F30 335i Sedan is equipped with Bosch engine management MEVD17.2, which is integrated in the intake system. On the upper side of the housing DME (Digital Motor Electronics) also serves as the bottom of the intake manifold. This housing has a contour in the intake manifold, thus ensuring optimum air flow. The following schematic illustrates the 2012 BMW F30 335i Sedan Digital Motor Electronics Circuit Diagram:

2012 BMW F30 335i Sedan DigitalMotor Electronics Circuit Diagram

1 Engine electronics Valvetronic, direct injection 17.2 MEVD17.2
2 Ambient pressure sensor
3 Temperature sensor
4 Brake light switch
5 Starter
6 Car Access System (CAS)
7 Clutch module
8 Electronic fuel pump control (EKPS)
9 Electric fuel pump
10 Terminal 15N relay
11 A/C compressor
12 Coolant pump
13 Valvetronic relay
14 Junction Box Electronics (JBE)
15 Refrigerant pressure sensor
16 Relay, ignition and injection
17 Terminal 30B relay
18 Fuel tank leak diagnosis module (DMTL)
19 Electric fan relay
20 Electric fan
21 Characteristic map thermostat
22 Diverter valve
23 Fuel tank vent valve
24 VANOS solenoid valve, intake camshaft
25 VANOS solenoid valve, exhaust camshaft
26 Oil pressure control valve
27 Electropneumatic pressure converter (EPDW) for wastegate valve
28 Quantity control valve
29-34 Fuel injectors
35-40 Ignition coils
41 Engine breather heater
42 Ground connections
43 Oxygen sensor after catalytic converter
44 Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter
45 Diagnostic socket
46 Low-pressure fuel sensor
47 Intake manifold pressure sensor after throttle valve
48 Fuel rail pressure sensor
49 Charge air temperature and pressure sensor
50 Knock sensor, cylinders 1 – 3
51 Knock sensor, cylinders 4 – 6
52 Hot-film air mass meter (HFM)
53 Intake camshaft sensor
54 Exhaust camshaft sensor
55 Crankshaft sensor
56 Accelerator Pedal Module (FPM)
57 Throttle valve (MDK)
58 Coolant temperature sensor at engine outlet
59 Oil pressure sensor
60 Oil temperature sensor
61 Valvetronic servomotor
62 Oil condition sensor
63 Alternator
64 Active cooling air flap control
65 Intelligent battery sensor (IBS)
66 Dynamic stability control (DSC)
67 Central Gateway Module (ZGM)
68 Integrated Chassis Management (ICM)

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