The 1985 Sierra Cosworth is fitted with a combined Electronic Engine Management System with fuel injection from Weber and ignition system from Marelli. The electronic fuel injection system is in many respects very similar to the EFI system available for Scorpio and Sierra vehicles. An electronic fuel pump feeds fuel from the fuel tank through a fuel filter to the fuel rail with its four injectors (one per cylinder). The injector "on" time is individually controlled for each cylinder by the Electronic Control Unit ECU.
Inlet air passes from the air cleaner through the turbocharger, the air to air charge cooler, the throttle body, the air chamber and inlet manifold to the individual cylinders.

The following schematic shows the Ford Sierra Cosworth Electronic Engine Management System Diagram.

Ford Sierra Cosworth Electronic Engine Management System Diagram

  1. Fuel tank
  2. Fuel pump
  3. Fuel filter
  4. Fuel rail
  5. Pressure regulator
  6. Fuel injector
  7. Electronic Control Unit

A. Pressurized fuel
B. Non-pressurized fuel
C. Air cleaner
D. Turbocharger Air to air charge cooler (intercooler)
E. Throttle body Air chamber Inlet manifold

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