The Triumph Daytona (2003 model) is fitted with two fuse boxes. The front fuse box is located under the left hand cockpit infill panel. The rear fuse box is located under the passenger seat. To allow access to the rear fuse box, the rider’s seat must be removed. To allow access to the front fuse box, the left hand cockpit infill panel must be removed as follows:

triumph daytona fuse box

Front fuse box access

  1. Release cockpit infill fixings shown in diagram above.
  2. Ensuring that the front wheel is pointing straight ahead (which allows space for removal), detach the panel.

Note that always replace blown fuses with new ones of the correct rating (as specified on the box cover) and never use a fuse higher rating. Use of incorrect fuse could lead to an electrical problem, resulting in motorcycle damage, loss of motorcycle control and an accident.

A blown fuse is indicated when all of the systems protected by that fuse become inoperative. When checking for a blown fuse, use the table below to establish which fuse has blown.

Triumph Daytona Front Fuse Box

Fuse# Circuits Protected Fuse Rating (Amp.)
1 Ignition/Starter Circuit 10
2 Instrument Illumination 5
3 Main lighting system 20
4 Position lights 5

Triumph Daytona Rear Fuse Box

Fuse# Circuits Protected Fuse Rating (Amp.)
1 Dip and main beam 15
2 Ignition switch main feed 30
3 Diagnostic/alarm/instrument memory 10
4 Indicators/brake lights/horn 15
5 Engine management system 20
6 Cooling fan 15

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