The 3 Series BMW (internal: E90 – Sedan, E91 – Combined, E92 – Coupe, E93 – Cabrio) served the middle class segment. It was introduced in spring 2005 as a successor to the E46 series at the Geneva Motor Show and was produced in the BMW plants in Munich, Regensburg, Leipzig, Rosslyn (South Africa) and Rayong (Thailand).

2009 Vorsteiner BMW M3 E90

The structure of the E90 was made up of a mix of high strength steels and steel sheets of another type. This allowed to obtain a stiffer body of 25% compared to the E46, but also lighter by about 30 kg. The BMW designers have also increased the use of aluminum alloy, especially visible in the frame to support the engine and suspension components. A great job has been done also in regard to the weight distribution between the two axles. In the end, for this car, the weight is divided in percentages ranging between 48% and 52% between the front and rear axle, so almost optimal. This was possible, in addition to the traditional architecture with front engine and rear wheel drive, also by the fact that the motor was placed in the retracted position inside the engine compartment.

The fully adjustable suspension included a MacPherson strut front suspension with double joint rear axle and a 5-arm multilink. Just the rear axle, which presented the scheme more expensive to accomplish, was revised so as to improve its performance in terms of road holding and driving precision, but also of excursion of springing (and thus ride comfort). Present on both axles also coil springs, gas shock absorbers and anti-roll bars.

BMW E90 Electric Steering Lock (ELV)

The Electric Steering Wheel Lock (ELV) feature was first introduced on the E52 (Z8). Since its initial introduction the system has been revised and was recently introduced on the E87 (available in Europe) plus will be available with the E90 as well. The purpose of feature is to electrically lock and unlock the steering column. The following schematic illustrates the BMW E90 Electric Steering Lock (ELV) Circuit and Wiring Diagram.

BMW E90 Electric Steering Lock Wiring Circuit Diagram

1. Wheel Speed Sensors
2. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
3. Junction Box Electronics Control Module (JBE)
4. Car Access System 2 (CAS2)
5. Electric Steering Lock (ELV)
6. ELV Motor
7. Hall Sensor ELV
8. Power Stage for Power Supply +
9. Power Stage
10. Safety Concept
11. Holder
12. START/STOP Button
DFAH Sim – Redundant Speed Signal
K-CAN – Bodyshell CAN
PT-CAN – Powertrain CAN
CAS-Bus – K-Bus based on K-bus protocol
Kl. 15 – Terminal 15

ELV Mechanism

A locking lever with its position monitored by a sensor and a locking pin are the main components of the mechanical part designed to lock or unlock the steering column at the correct moment. The entire internal kinematic structure is designed such that a mechanical lock (locking lever) keeps the unlocked locking pin in position when no power is applied to the ELV.

Source: E90 General Vehicle Electrical Handbook

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