The E46 is the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series, produced from 1998 until 2006. In its first year it was offered only in sedan body; the family model and the coupe arrived in 2000 and the following year were on sale three-door hatchback ("Compact") variants and M3 sports version. And due to the market entry of BMW 1 Series, the Compact was discontinued in September 2004. BME E46 was built until 2006. At its debut, the E46 was available in four petrol engines, plus a diesel:

  • 318i, basic version with 1895 cc engine with maximum power of 118 hp;
  • 320i with engine of 1991 cc and a maximum power of 150 hp;
  • 323i, with 2494 cc engine power of 170 hp;
  • 328i, version of tip equipped with a 2793 cc engine capable of delivering up to 193 hp;
  • 320d, with an engine of 1951 cc, turbodiesel direct injection, the maximum power of 136 hp.

The BMW E46 Central Locking System

The following schematic depicts the BMW E46 3 Series Central Locking System Wiring and Circuit Diagram.

The BMW E46 Central Locking System Wiring and Circuit Diagram

The BMW E46 glove box is integrated into the scope of the central locking system on the E46iC. An additional actuator is positioned above the glove box to lock it whenever the central locking system is activated. Additionally, the trunk is locked out whenever the top storage cover is unlocked while the top is being raised or lowered. The top storage cover motor hall sensor signals the GM any time the cover is unlocked. The CVM receives a signal from the GM over the K-Bus, whenever the trunk is opened, which locks out the soft top operation. A micro switch on the glove box lock cylinder signals the GM to lock the trunk electrically for the valet key position. The trunk can only be opened mechanically with either FZV key or the wallet key. All other functions of the central locking system remain the same as the E46 Sedan and Coupe. The antenna  for the FZV system is incorporated with the receiver into the interior rear view mirror.

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