The Ducati 996 ignition system uses an electronic fuel injection – ignition system for the internal combustion engine that optimizes engine performance and creates higher specific power as well as lower specific consumption and a reduction in the amount of un-burnt elements in the exhaust gases. These advantages are the result of an improved air – fuel mixture and optimal control of the ignition advance. This system consists of three circuits: Fuel Circuit, Air Circuit, and Electrical Circuit. The following schematic shows the 1999 Ducati 996 Ignition – Injection System Wiring Diagram.

1999 Ducati 996 Ignition - Injection System Wiring Diagram

Ducati 996 Ignition – Injection System Wiring Diagram Index:

1. Tank with fuel pump and fuel sensor
2. Electronic control unit
3. Diagnosis tester unit
4. Throttle position sensor
5. Coolant temperature sensor
6. Engine sensor
7. Fuses for injection relay
8. Air temperature sensor
9. Absolute pressure sensor
10. Injectors
11. Sealed relay
12. Vertical cylinder coil
13. Horizontal cylinder coil
14. Horizontal cylinder spark plug
15. Vertical cylinder spark plug
16. To tail light

Cable Color Code
Bk Black
Bn Brown
P Pink
R Red
W White
Gr Grey
Y Yellow
Lb Light blue
G Gr Green – Grey
P Bk Pink – Black
W R White – Red
Gr B Grey – Blue
Bn W Brown – White
Gr Bk Grey – Black
B Bk Blue – Black
O B Orange – Blue
Y G Yellow – Green

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