The Kawasaki ZZR600 is equipped with a battery-operated, fully transistorized, breaker less ignition system. The system consists of the following components:
Pickup coils
IC igniter unit
Battery and fuse
Ignition coils
Spark plugs
Stop and main key switches
Primary and secondary circuit wiring

The following schematic illustrates the Kawasaki ZZR600 ignition system wiring diagram.

Kawasaki ZZR600 ignition system wiring diagram

1. IC igniter
2. 4-pin connector
3. 6-pin connector
4. Timing rotor
5. Pickup coil
6. Ignition coil (no.1 and no.4 cylinders)
7. Ignition coil (no.2 and no.3 cylinders)
8. Spark plugs
9. Starter button
10. Engine stop switch
11. Ignition switch
12. Junction box
13. Starter circuit relay
14. Diodes
15. 10-pin connector
16. Starter relay
17. Main (30A) fuse
18. Battery
19. 2-pin connector
20. 9-pin connector
21. Side stand switch
22. Starter lockout switch
23. Neutral switch
24. 8-pin connector

The transistorized ignition system functions on the same principle as a conventional DC ignition system with the pickup unit and igniter performing the tasks normally associated with the breaker points and mechanical advance system. As a result, adjustment and maintenance of ignition components is eliminated. Because of their nature, the individual ignition system components can be checked but not repaired. If ignition system troubles occur, and the faulty component can be isolated, the only cure for the problem is to replace the part with a new one.

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