The Datsun Truck 320 fuel tank has a capacity of 31.0 litres and is situated at the rear of the luggage compartment. The fuel pump, operated off the camshaft draws fuel from the tank and forces it into the carburetor float chamber. A large and efficient air cleaner filters the air supply to the carburetor.

Situated on the top face of the tank is the gauge unit. To remove, withdraw the set screws which secure the unit to the tank not forgetting to disconnect the electrical lead before head. Care must be taken not to strain or bend the float lever as this may seriously effect subsequent gauge readings. Remember this also applies when refitting the unit. Examine the washer to ensure that it is in position and undamaged. This is essential as the joint between the tank and gauge unit must be fuel tight. The following schematic illustrates the Datsun Truck 320 Fuel Gauge Wiring Diagram.

Datsun Truck 320 Fuel Gauge Wiring Diagram 1. Unit Gauge
2. Fuse
3. Fuel Gauge
4. Ignition Switch
5. Ammeter
6. Battery   

If the ignition switch is turned on when the tank is empty, electric current will flow from the battery through the ammeter into coil A, and then trough the contact arm to the ground. Coil A is then magnetized, attracts the iron piece, and the indicator points to E. As the float is raised and the contact arm moves, tank unit increases resistance in the circuit and thus the current which traveled through coil A then flows, this time, both contact arm and coil B, and finally to the ground. As both A and B coils are so wound as to have their magnetic poles in the same direction, the iron peace will rotate to the direction where the magnetic power of the two coils can be balanced, with the indicator deflecting in the direction of F. That is this is a gauge of electric resistance control type; E signifies Empty level and F, Full level.

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