The 1978 Datsun Pickup 620 series is equipped with the automatic temperature control system which maintains the temperature of air to be sucked in the carburetor within the constant range, thereby enabling lean setting for carburetor calibration. In addition to this, the automatic temperature control system is effective to improve warm-up characteristics of the engine and to remove caruretor icing.

In addition, idle compensator, altitude compensator, vacuum hose for B.C.D.D. and some hoses for A.I.S system are connected to the air cleaner. The 1978 Datsun Pickup 620 Automatic Temperature Control Air Cleaner Assembly Diagram consists of the following parts/components:

datsun pickup automatic temperature control air cleaner assembly diagram 1. Fresh air duct.
2. Vacuum motor.
3. Air control valve.
4. Hot air duct.
5. Air hose for A.I.S
6. Air tubes for altitude compensator.
7. Vacuum tube from intake manifold.
8. Vacuum tube from carbon canister.
9. Air inlet for A.B. valve
10. Blow-by gas filter.
11. Blow-by hose.
12. Idle compensator.
13. Altitude compensator.
14. Temperature sensor assembly.

The automatic temperature control system of the air cleaner is controlled by the inlet temperature and the load condition of the engine. The inlet air temperature is detected by the sensor, and the vacuum motor is actuated by the engine intake vacuum.

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