Yamaha EF1000iS inverter generator supplies clean, high quality power. With only 27.9 pounds of weighs, making it extremely portable. The EF1000iS features Smart Throttle, a load sensing rpm control that allows greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction by automatically adjusting engine speed to match the load. It will run up to 12 hours at ΒΌ rated load on a tank of gas.

Yamaha EF1000iS Inverter Generator

The following table list detail technical specification of Yamaha EF1000iS Inverter Generator:

Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Dry Weight

450 mm
240 mm
380 mm
12.7 kg

Engine Type
Cylinder Arrangement
Bore x Stroke
Operation Hours
Fuel Tank Capacity
Engine Oil Quantity
Ignition System
Spark Plug Type
Spark Plug Gap
Noise Level

EF1000iS, Air cooled 4-stroke gasoline OHV
Vertical 1 cylinder
50 cm
41.0 x 38.0 (mm)
4.3 – 12.0 (hours)
Unleaded gasoline
2.5 L
0.32 L
0.6 – 0.7 (mm)
86 dB/LWA

AC Output  

Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency
Rated Current
Rated Output
Safety Device Type

120 V
60 Hz
7.5 A
900 VA

DC Output  

Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Safety Device Type

12 V
DC Protector

The following schematics illustrates the Yamaha EF1000iS Inverter Generator Wiring Diagram (click image to enlarge)

Yamaha EF1000iS Inverter Generator Wiring Diagram


1 Main coil
2 Sub coil
3 DC coil
4 DC rectifier
5 Control unit
6 AC pilot light
7 AC receptacle
8 Ground (earth) terminal
9 Economy control switch
10 Overload indicator light
11 DC protector
12 DC receptacle
13 Engine switch
14 Oil warning light
15 Speed limiter
16 Oil level gauge
17 Ignition coil
18 Spark plug
19 TCi unit
20 TCi magneto
21 Stepping motor

Wiring Color Code
B Black
Br Brown
G Green
L Blue
O Orange
R Red
W White
Y Yellow
B/W Black/White
G/Y Green/Yellow

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