The following schematic illustrates the VW Touareg 16 Electronic Diesel Control Wiring Diagram. The Bosch EDC 16 Electronic Diesel Control is used in combination with a torque-oriented engine management system in the 2.5 l R5 TDI engine in the Transporter 2004 and in the Touareg. (click image to enlarge)

VW Touareg 16 Electronic Diesel Control Wiring Diagram

  1. Drive train CAN data bus
  2. Drive train CAN data bus
  3. Communications line (diagnostic connection)
  4. Road speed signal
  5. Alternator terminal DFM
  6. Cruise control system switch (ON/OFF)
  7. Radiator fan – 1st speed
  8. Radiator fan – 2nd speed

    A Battery
    F Brake light switch
    F8 Kick-down switch
    F36 Clutch pedal switch
    F47 Brake pedal switch
    F60 Idling switch
    G6 Fuel pump (pre-supply pump)
    G23 Fuel pump *
    G28 Engine speed sender
    G31 Charge air pressure sender
    G40 Hall sender
    G42 Intake air temperature sender
    G62 Coolant temperature sender
    G70 Air mass meter
    G79 Accelerator position sender
    G81 Fuel temperature sender
    G83 Coolant temperature sender – radiator outlet
    J17 Fuel pump relay
    J52 Glow plug relay
    J151 Coolant pump run-on relay
    J317 Voltage supply relay – Term. 30
    J445 Fuel cooling pump relay *
    J623 Engine control unit
    N18 Exhaust gas recirculation valve
    N75 Charge pressure control solenoid valve
    N239 Intake manifold flap change-over valve
    N240 Injector solenoid valve, No. 1 cyl.
    N241 Injector solenoid valve, No. 2 cyl.
    N242 injector solenoid valve, No. 3 cyl.
    N243 injector solenoid valve, No. 4 cyl.
    N244 Injector solenoid valve, No. 5 cyl.
    N345 Exhaust gas recirculation cooler change-over valve **
    Q10 Glow plug -1-
    Q11 Glow plug -2-
    Q12 Glow plug -3-
    Q13 Glow plug -4-
    Q14 Glow plug -5-
    V55 Recirculation pump
    V166 Fuel cooling pump *
    * Used in the Touareg
    ** Used in the Touareg with automatic transmission

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