Daewoo Matiz Headlamps Description

The headlamps are controlled by the multifunction lever located on the left side of the steering column. They will come on with the ignition switch in any position. Turning
the headlamp switch to the first position turns on the parking lamps, the license plate lamps and the instrument panel illumination. Turning the switch to the second position turns on all of the previous lamps and the headlamps. Turning the switch to the off position turns off all the lamps.

Daewoo Matiz Headlamps Wiring

The following schematic illustrates the Daewoo Matiz (2003) Headlamps Wiring Diagram. The headlamps system consists of engine fuse block, headlamps relay, right and left headlamp, instrument cluster and headlamp switch. (click image to enlarge)

Daewoo Matiz Headlamps Wiring Diagram

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