The starting circuit on Yamaha V-Max model consist of the starter motor, starter relay, and the relay unit (starting circuit cut-off relay). If the engine stop switch and the main switch are both on, the starter motor can operate only if: The transmission is in neutral (the neutral switch is on) or if The clutch lever is pulled to the handlebar (the clutch switch is on) and the sidestand is up (the sidestand switch is on.) The following schematic illustrates the Yamaha V-Max Electric Starting System Circuit Diagram (click image to enlarge).

yamaha v-max electric starting system circuit diagram

29 – relay unit
30 – starting circuit cut-off relay
33 – starter switch
44 – main fuse
45 – battery
46 – starter motor
47 – starter relay
48 – main switch
49 – fuse (ignition)
50 – "engine stop" switch
53 – clutch switch
54 – diode
55 – sidestand switch
56 – sidestand relay

The starter motor does not operate – troubleshooting guide:

  1. Remote the seat.
  2. Disconnect the "L/W" lead from the starter relay.
  3. Check the battery voltage (12V) on the "L/W" lead from the starter relay. If it is not 12V then correct the battery terminal connection. If it is 12V then connect the "LAN" lead from the starter relay to the battery negative (-) terminal; use a jumper lead.
  4. Recharge or replace the battery.

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