The Suzuki RF600 fuel pump is operated by an electro-magnetic force and its electrical energy is supplied from the battery which is controlled by the fuel pump relay’s control circuit. The fuel sent under pressure by the fuel pump flows into the float chamber when the float of the carburetor has dropped and the needle valve is open. When the needle valve closes, the pressure of the fuel in the hose connecting the carburetor and the fuel pump increases, and when the set pressure is reached, the operation of the fuel pump is stopped by the fuel pressure to prevent excessive supply.

In order to supplement fuel supply when starting the Suzuki RF600 engine by turning the starter switch ON, current (1) is sent directly from the battery and passes through the fuel pump relay, thus operating the fuel pump. The current (2) generated at coils No.2/No.3 flows to the fuel pump relay’s control circuit. The control circuit receives this current (2) and sends signal (3) to the SCR, turning it ON. When the SCR turns ON, current (4) is sent from the battery through the fuel pump relay, thus operating the fuel pump. The following schematic illustrates the Suzuki RF600 wiring diagram.

Suzuki RF600 Wiring Diagram

Suzuki RF600 Fuel Pump System Wiring Diagram

Suzuki RF600 Wire Color:
B/W: Black with White tracer
Y/G: Yellow with Green tracer
B/Y: Black with Yellow tracer
O/W: Orange with White tracer


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