Jaguar XKE Series III OPUS electronic ignition system comprises the following:
1. Distributor
2. Amplifier Unit
3. Ballast Resistance Unit
4. Ignition Coil
5. Wire to Tachometer

The OPUS distributor comprises:
1. A centrifugal auto-advance mechanism.
2. Retard type vacuum unit.
3. High tension rotor.
4. Electronic timing rotor.
5. Pick-up module assembly.

The following schematic illustrates the Jaguar XKE Distributor and Ignition System Wiring Diagram. (click image to enlarge)

Jaguar XKE Distributor and Ignition System Wiring Diagram

The timing rotor and pick-up module, working in conjunction with a separate amplifier unit, replace the contact breaker and cam of a conventional distributor. The timing rotor is a glass-filled nylon disc with small ferrite rod embedded into its outer edge, the number and spacing of the rods corresponding with the number of cylinder and firing angles of the engine. An air gap exists between the rotor and the ferrite core of the stationary pick-up module. The pick-up module assembly comprises a magnetically-balanced small transformer, with primary (input) and secondary (output) windings.

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