The starting system is made up of the following components:
– Bank angle sensor
– Clutch switch
– Gear position switch
– IGN relay
– In-line diodes A and C
– Side stand switch
– Starter relay A
– Starter motor
– Starter switch

The following schematic illustrates the Honda Golding GL1500 and (click image to enlarge).

Honda Golding GL1500 Starting System Circuit and Wiring Diagram

The starter switch receives battery voltage from the IGN relay when the ignition is switched ON. The bank angle sensor supplies ground to the IGN relay. The starting system is activated when the driver presses and holds the starter switch. If the gearshift is in NEUTRAL, voltage from the IGN relay is then sent through the coil of starter relay A to the gear position switch and to ground.

If the clutch lever is depressed and the side stand switch is UP, voltage from the IGN relay can also pass through the coil of starter relay A to the clutch switch and the side stand switch. The starter relay energizes and applies voltage to the starter motor. The starter motor turns to crank the engine.

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