Volkswagen Touran System. Volkswagen Touran onboard power supply control unit (located on the left underneath the dash panel where it forms
a unit with the relay carrier) evaluates the signals directly from the light switch.

The onboard power supply control exterior light with bulb monitoring In the event of bulb failure, the relevant warning lamp will light up or a text message is displayed in the dash panel insert.

Information about actuation of the turn signals, main beam and headlight flashing is sent via the steering column electronics control unit J527 to the convenience CAN data bus. The following schematic illustrates the Volkswagen Touran System.

Volkswagen Touran Exterior Light Control Wiring Diagram

Volkswagen Touran System Index

D Ignition/starter switch terminal 15
E1 Light switch
E4 Manual dipped beam and flash switch
E19 Parking light switch
F Brake light switch
F4 Reverse light switch
J519 Onboard power supply control unit
J527 Steering column electronics control unit
M25 High level brake light bulb
X Number plate light

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