The Fiat Lancia Delta HF speedometer drive motor is of the synchronous, direct current type and is controlled by an electronic control unit, located in the instrument panel, based on the frequency of the signals emitted by the impulse generator, so that the exact speed corresponds to that of the vehicle. The electronic control unit is supplied by terminal +15 of the ignition switch via blades 7 and 10, respectively for connectors A and I of the junction unit and blade 5 for connector C of the instrument panel.

The speedometer electrics motor carries out the following functions:

  • It rotates a magnet which is fitted on its rotor which in turn, by means of the magnetic field linked to it, drives the needle of the conventional type speedometer indicator;
  • It controls the total mileage recorder.

The following schematic illustrates the 1991 Fiat Lancia Delta HF Electronic Speedometer Wiring Diagram.

Fiat Lancia Delta HF Electronic Speedometer Wiring

1. Instrument panel
2. Electric motor which determines the rotation of the speed indicator magnet
3. Junction unit
4. Ignition switch
5. Impulse generator bolted onto differential casing
6. Connector
7. Right front earth cable loom
8. Battery
9. Speedometer
10. Speedometer motor electronic control unit
A, B, C, D, E, F – Instrument panel connectors
H, I – Junction unit connectors

Cable/Wiring Color Code
A – Light Blue
G – Yellow
N – Black
R – Red
V – Green

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