1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System.

The immobilizer control system is an anti-theft device which enables starting to be possible only when the mechanical and wireless secret codes are aligned simultaneously. The transponder built in the ignition key signals its unique frequency code and at this time the ICM (Immobilizer Control Module) compares it with the memorized code. When the codes are aligned, the ICM sends signals to the ECM (Engine Control Module) so that starting is possible. Below schematic illustrates the 1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit and Wiring Diagram.

1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit

The 1998 Hyundai Trajet immobilizer control system consists of transponder key, coil antenna, ICM (immobilizer control module), and engine control module.  When ignition is "ON", the coil supplies energy to the transponder, which in turn accumulates energy in the condenser. Once the energy supply from the coil has stopped, using the stored energy in the condenser, the transponder transmits the ID CODE. The coil antenna has function to supply energy to the transponder, receive signal from the transponder and send transponder signal to the ICM.

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