RF600 is a sport motorcycle produced by Suzuki during 1993 – 1997. It is based on the GSX1100R bottom end. The first series are powered by a Water-cooled 600 cc inline-4, DOHC, TSCC,16 valves which generates 100 hp/ 10,600 rpm, 63 Nm/ 9,800 rpm. The electrical system specifications include: electronic ignition system; NGK CR9E or NIPPONDENSO U27ESR-N spark plug; three-phase A.C. Generator; 30 A main fuse; and 12V 8Ah battery.

The following schematic illustrates the Suzuki RF600 Electrical Wiring Diagram (click image to enlarge).

Suzuki RF600 Electrical Wiring Diagram 

Suzuki RF600 Wire Color Code Index

B – Black
Bl – Blue
Br – Brown
G – Green
Gr – Grey
Lbl – Light blue
Lg – Light green
O – Orange
P – Pink
R – Red
W – White
Y – Yellow
B/Br – Black with Brown tracer
B/G – Black with Green tracer
B/Bl – Black with Blue tracer
B/R – Black with Red tracer
B/W – Black with White tracer
B/Y – Black with Yellow tracer
Bl/B – Blue with Black tracer
G/Y – Green with Yellow tracer
O/B – Orange with Black tracer
O/Bl – Orange with Blue tracer
O/R – Orange with Red tracer
O/W – Orange with White tracer
O/Y – Orange with Yellow tracer
W/B – White with Black tracer
Y/B – Yellow with Black tracer
Y/G – Yellow with Green tracer
Y/W – Yellow with White tracer

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