The Vespa GT200 The electronic ignition system is DC-fed and is equipped with an immobilizer antitheft system built into the electronic control unit. The ignition system consists of: Electronic control unit (CDI); Immobilizer antenna; Master and service key with built-in transponder; H.T. coil; and a Diagnostic LED. The battery recharge system consists of a three-phase generator and a permanent-magnet flywheel. The generator is directly connected to the voltage regulator.

Below schematic illustrates the Electrical Diagram.

Vespa GT200 Ignition System Electrical Diagram

1. Pick-up
2. Flywheel magneto
3. 15A Fuse
4. Electronic Ignition Device (CDI)
5. Spark plug
6. H.T. Coil
7. Voltage Regulator
8. 12V – 12Ah Battery

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