Ariston Eureka Water Heater Specifications and Features

Ariston Eureka Water Heater is an open outlet electric storage water heater. It is ideal for low or occasional use areas such as loft conversions or cloak rooms, kitchens, and its capacity (13L) is suitable for multi-outlet applications. It is manufactured from a corrosion proof plastic material. Eureka has a water capacity of 13 liters and a power consumption of 2kW.

Eureka Water Heater offers some features, like: Ceramic disc mixing valve; Directional spout; Completely re-cyclable and Eco sound; Versatile open outlet (mains or gravity feed); Heating indicator light; Illuminated on/off switch; External temperature control; 10 Years Manufacturers Guarantee (1 Year Electrical Components Guarantee); and more.

Height: 490mm
Width: 320mm
Projection: 230mm
Heating Time (?T = 50°) Min – 23
Maximum temperature – 75°C


Ariston Eureka Water Heater Electrical Connections Schematic Diagram

Ariston Eureka Water Heater Water Connection DiagramEnsure that the mains voltage complies with the valve shown on the data badge of the appliance i.e. 230/240 volts. Connect via the cable supplied to a switched spur (dual pole 3 mm contacts fused at 13 amp) as follows:

L – Brown
N – Blue
E – Green/Yellow

Note that if your Eureka has been supplied with a continental style moulded plug it must be removed.

Access to Ariston Eureka Water Heater Electrical Components:

a) Lift off cover knob A
b) Remove screw B
c) Remove knob C
d) Unscrew retention ring D
e) Remove gasket E
f) Unscrew safety valve (13)
g) Unscrew ring nuts F

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