The Gilera GP800 recharge system is provided with a three phase alternator with permanent flywheel. The alternator is directly connected to the voltage regulator. This, in its turn, is connected directly to the ground and the battery positive passing through the 40A protective fuse. The three-phase generator provides good recharge power and at low revs a good compromise is achieved between generated power and idle stability.

The following schematic illustrates the Gilera GP800 Starter Motor Circuit and Wiring Diagram.

Gilera GP800 Starter Motor Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Gilera GP800 Starter Motor Circuit and Wiring Index:

6. Resistance 120 Ohm – 2W
7. 1A diode
8. Stand button
9. 1A diode
10. Resistance 120 Ohm – 2W
11. Engine stop switch
12. 40A fuse
14. Main fuses
15. Main relay
16. Key switch contacts
17. Start-up remote control switch relay
18. Start-up maintenance relay
19. 1A diode
21. Auxiliary fuses
22. 12V – 14Ah battery
23. Starter motor
24. Start-up remote control switch
25. Starter button
26. Resistance 120 Ohm – 2W
27. 1A diode
28. 1A diode
35. Stop button on rear brake
36. Stop button on front brake
54. Electronic ignition device (Vehicle connector)

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