Nissan LEAF Overview

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has announced the LEAF, the first affordable zero-emission car in the world. A chassis designed specifically for Lithium-ion, the LEAF Nissan’s midsize hatchback that comfortably seats five adults to meet real-world consumer. The combination of regenerative braking and battery packs innovative lithium-ion batteries gives the car a range of over 160 km (100 miles) on a full charge. The powertrain of the Nissan LEAF has no exhaust pipe, and thus, unlike the vehicles internal combustion engine, does not emit CO (2) or other greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that the battery charging at home by taking a 200 V would take about eight hours, ample time for the owner’s car and enjoy a well deserved rest. (image source:

nissan LEAF wiring diagram

The front line of LEAF is characterized by an acute V-shaped headlamps incorporating light emitting diodes (LEDs) elongated and inclined, reflecting a blue light that says "this car is special. But these lights do not just communicate a position. They are also cleverly designed to divide and redirect the airflow away from the mirrors, thus reducing noise and resistance. These lights offer another advantage: their power supply is only 10% of that of conventional headlights, helping LEAF achieve outstanding battery life.

Nissan LEAF Body Electrical System and Wiring Diagram

Nissan LEAF body electrical system consists of:

Battery and Battery Mounting
Instrument Meter and Gauge
Electrical Unit
Head Lamp
Side Marker Lamp
Fog Lamp
Room Lamp
Rear Combination Lamp
License Plate Lamp
High Mounting Stop Lamp
Heater and Blower Unit
Cooling Unit
Control Unit
Nozzle and Duct
Condenser, Liquid Tank
Heater Piping
Audio and Visual
Rear Window Wiper
Windshield Wiper
Windshield Washer
Electric Vehicle Drive System
Electric Vehicle Battery

The following link will redirect you to the complete schematic of Nissan LEAF Body Electrical System and Wiring Diagram.


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