The 2001 Lexus GS430 electric cooling fan controls the fan speed in 3 steps (OFF, Low, High) by using the water temperature switch in accordance with the engine coolant temperature and the operating condition of the air conditioner and by turning the 3 fan relays ON and OFF and connecting 2 fan motors in a series or parallel circuit. Below schematic illustrates the 2001 Lexus GS430 Electric Cooling Fan System Wiring Diagram.

Lexus GS430 Cooling Fan System Wiring Diagram 

Index of Lexus GS430 Electric Cooling Fan System Wiring Diagram:

1. Battery
2. Ignition Switch
3. Fan Main Relay
4. Condenser Fan Motor
5. Fan No.1 Relay
6. Fan No.2 Relay
7. Fan No.3 Relay
8. To A/C Magnetic Clutch Relay
9. A/C Pressure switch
10. Water Temperature Switch
11. Radiator Fan Motor


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