2001 Nissan Quest (V41 series) (EATC) system feature: air mix door control; front and rear fan speed control; front intake door control; outlet door control; magnet clutch control; and self-diagnostic system. The (EATC) system provides automatic regulation of the vehicle’s interior temperature. The system is based on the operator selected “set temperature”, regardless of the outside temperature changes.

There are five sensors as the input signal to the microcomputer-based : 1. Engine coolant ambient ; 2. Ambient ; 3. Potentio balance resistor; 4. In-vehicle ; 5. Sunload sensor.

The following components are automatically controlled so that in-vehicle temperature will reach and maintain the set temperature: 1. Compressor; 2. Air intake door; 3. Air mix door; 4. Mode doors; 5. Blower speed.

Below schematic illustrates the Wiring Diagram of 2001 Nissan Quest V41.

Nissan Quest Electronic Automatic Temperature Control Wiring Diagram

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