The following steps can be done to troubleshoot or circuit failures. Note that you need to prepare some tools like , , ohmmeter and probing tools, prior to do some troubleshooting on your . Here are some steps you need to perform:

  1. Verify the problem
  2. Verify any related symptoms. Do this by performing operational checks on components that are in the same circuit.
  3. Analyze the symptoms. Use the wiring diagrams to determine what the circuit is doing, where the problems most likely is occurring and where the diagnosis will continue.
  4. Isolate the problem area
  5. Repair the problem
  6. Verify proper operation.

* : This is a test wire used to connect two points of a circuit. It can be used to bypass an open in a circuit.

* : This is a voltage measurement tools. Note, connect the black lead to known good ground and red lead to the positive side of the circuit.

* Ohmmeter: This is a circuit’s resistance measurement tools. Note that low or no resistance in a circuit means good continuity.

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