Here is a typical schematic of the 2004 VW Volkswagen Caddy Outside Light Control Wiring Diagram.

VW Volkswagen Caddy Outside Light Control Wiring Diagram

2004 Volkswagen Caddy Outside Light Control Components List:

FL – Fog light
58 – Side lights
E1 – Light switch
56 – Driving lights 
RFL – Rear fog light
F – Brake light switch
X – Number plate light
E19 – Parking light switch
F4 – Reversing light switch
D – Ignition switch terminal 15
E4 – Switch for headlight dipper and flasher
J519 – Onboard supply control unit
J527 – Steering column electronics control unit
DDL – Day driving light Function needs to be coded in the onboard supply control unit.
M25 – High level brake light bulb

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