During the production between 1982–1990, the Volvo 700 series (760, 740, 780) were available in many different engine types and capacities, among others are 2.3 L B23ET 173 hp (129 kW) turbo I4; 2.3 L B230FT 156/165 hp turbo I4; 2.8 L B280F 147 hp V6 and 2.4 L D24TIC 115 hp (86 kW) turbo diesel I6. Below schematic depicts the 1982 Volvo Volvo 700 B230K Engine Ignition System Wiring Diagram.

Volvo 700 B230K Engine Ignition System Wiring Diagram

1. Battery
2. Ignition Switch
4. Ignition Coil
5. Distributor
6. Spark Plugs
11. Fuse box
29. Positive Terminal Board
81. AC Pressure Switch
86. Rev Counter
156. Radiator Fan Motor
200. AC Compressor Solenoid
202. Climate Control
218. Knock Sensor
224. Radiator Fan Thermostat
260. Control Unit
267. Test Connector
271. Fuel Cut-off Solenoid
272. Micro switch
273. Temperature Sensor
293. Idling Compensation relay
419. Power Stage
A. Connector, RH A-Post
B. Connector, LH A-Post
C. Connector, at LH Wheel Housing
D. Ground Terminal on Intake Manifold
E. Connector at LH Wheel Housing

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