Fiat Doblo Cellular/Mobile Phone Setup system set-up consists of:

  • a dual-purpose aerial (sound system  + cellular phone), on the vehicle roof.
  • a dual-purpose aerial connection wires and ten-pin connector wiring diagram as in the figure.
  • a double coil speaker (sound system + cellular telephone), located on the passenger side dashboard.

Fiat Doblo Cellular/ Diagram

Fiat Doblo Cellular Mobile Phone Setup Wiring Diagram

1 Sound system mute function.
2 Spare.
3 Cellular phone input earth signal.
4 Cellular phone INPUT signal.
5 Dual-purpose speaker on the front passenger side door (+).
6 Dual-purpose speaker on the front passenger side door (-).
7 Ignition switch power (+15).
8 Spare.
9 Battery power (+).
10 Earth.

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