TRS Connector Plug A triple contact plug or or has three conductors, known as tip l, sleeve s and ring r. The tip l is screwed on to a steel pin that runs back through the hard-rubber insulating sleeve to the connecting block to which the connecting screw is fastened, and in order that the cord conductor may not touch the connecting block f, an insulating washer g, is placed under the screw and washer h. The insulating washer is made large enough to that there will be no stray strands to short-circuit the plug. The sleeve s is made from brass tubing and passes through the insulating tube k to its connecting block f, within which it is screwed; the connection is made to the sleeve under the screw and washer l. The sleeve connection is made by bending back one of the conductors, when the cord is screwed into the shank of the plug.

TRS Connector Plug Schematic Diagram

The following schematic shows the Plug schematic diagram. The is also known as audio jack, phone jack, phone plug, jack plug, stereo plug, , mini-stereo, or headphone jack.


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