The following schematic shows the Mini Cooper S Mark III and Circuit.

Mini Cooper S Mark III Wiring Diagram

1. Alternator/dynamo
2. Control box
3. Battery (12V)
4. Starter solenoid
5. Starter motor
6. Lighting switch
7. Headlamp dip switch
8. R.H. headlamp
9. L.H. headlamp
10. Main-beam warning lamp
11. R.H. sidelamp/parking lamp
12. L.H. sidelamp/parking lamp
14. Panel lamps
15. Number-plate lamp(s)
16. R.H. stop and tail lamps
17. L.H. stop and tail lamps
18. Stop lamp switch
19. Fuse block
20. Interior light
21. R.H. door switch
22. L.H. door switch
23. Horn
24. Horn-push
25. Flasher unit
26. Direction indicator, headlamp flasher and dip switch
27. Direction indicator warning lamp(s)
28. R.H. front direction indicator lamp.

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