The following schematic shows the 1958 – 1959 VW 1200 Beetle Wiring Diagram Electrical System Schematic. Herein you will get detail information regarding the interconnection of the 1200 Beetle electrical components and parts which consists of generator, starting motor, battery, ignition starter switch, horn, stop light, ignition coil, parking light, ignition distributor, fuse box, spark plug, connector, headlight, etc.

VW 1200 Beetle Wiring Diagram 

A – Battery
B – Starting Motor
C – Generator
D – Ignition Starter Switch
E – Windshield Wiper Switch
F – Push-Pull-Type Light Switch and Instrument Panel Lighting
G – Direction Indicator Switch
H1 – Horn Button
H2 – Horn Brush
H3 – Horn
J2 – Headlight Dimmer Switch
J3 – Stop Light Switch
J4 – Oil Pressure Switch
K1 – High Beam Indicator Light
K2 – Generator Control Light
K3 – Direction Indicator Control Light
K4 – Oil Pressure Warning Light
K5 – Speedometer Light
L1 – Bi-filament Bulb for Headlight, Left
L2 – Bi-filament Bulb for Headlight, Right
M1 – Parking Light, Left
M2 – Parking Light, Right
N – Ignition Distributor
O – Ignition Coil
P1 – Spark Plug Connector for Cylinder 1
P2 – Spark Plug Connector for Cylinder 2
P3 – Spark Plug Connector for Cylinder 3
P4 – Spark Plug Connector for Cylinder 4
Q1 – Spark Plug for Cylinder 1
Q2 – Spark Plug for Cylinder 2
Q3 – Spark Plug for Cylinder 3
Q4 – Spark Plug for Cylinder 4
R1 – Radio
R2 – Antenna
S1 – Fuse Box (four Fuses)
S2 – Fuse Box (two Fuses)
T1 – Connector, single
T3 – Connector, triple
U1 – Direction Indicator, Left
U2 – Direction Indicator, Right
V1 – Door Contact Switch, Left (d/L)
V2 – Door Contact Switch, Right (d/L)
W – Windshield Wiper Motor (d/L 3 connections)
X1 – Stop and Tail Light’ Left
X2 – Stop and Tail Light, Right
Y – Interior Light
Z – License Plate Light

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