The following schematic shows the wiring circuit of Delco-Remy 1118200 type. Three-unit regulator shown, the shunt windings in the cutout relay and voltage regulator are shown in dashed blue. The series windings in the cutout relay and current regulator are shown in red. The series winding in the voltage regulator is shown in blue.

Delco Remy Generator Wiring Circuit 

The three-unit regulator is designed for use with Delco-Remy shunt type generator with externally grounded field circuits. The regulator contains a cutout relay, a voltage regulator, and a current regulator. The current regulator has a series winding of a few turns of heavy wire (shown in red) which carrier all generator output. The winding core is assembled into a frame. A flat steel armature is attached of the frame by a flexible hinge so that it is just above the core. The armature has a contact point which is just below a stationary contact point. When the current regulator is not operating, the tension of two spiral springs holds the armature away from the core so that the points are in contact. In this position the generator field circuit is completed to ground through the current regulator contact points in series with the voltage regulator contacts points.

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