1994 BMW 318i Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagram The 1994 BMW 318i electrical fuel pump is mounted in the fuel tank in tandem with the right side fuel level sender. The fuel pump delivers fuel at high pressure to the fuel injection system. It consists of , Front Power Distribution Box, and Fuel Pump. A pressure regulator maintains system pressure. The quantity of fuel supplied exceeds demand, so excess fuel returns to the fuel tank via a return line.

The fuel pump is operated by a located in the power distribution box. The is protected by fuse. The following schematic shows the 1994 BMW 318i Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagram and Wiring Color Code.

Wiring Color Code:
BK >> Black
BR >> Brown
RD >> Red
YL >> Yellow
GN >> Green
BU >> Blue
VI >> Violet
GY >> Gray
WT >> White
PK >> Pink

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