The following schematic diagram shows the 2004 Subaru Legacy Wiring Diagram. The consists of: and hydraulic control unit, data link connector, caliper body, G sensor, two-way connector, transmission control module, stop light switch, diagnosis connector master cylinder, magnetic encoder seal, Brake and EBD warning light, ABS warning light, and .

Subaru Legacy ABS Control Module Wiring Diagram

(1) Battery
(2) Ignition switch
(3) and hydraulic RH control unit
(5) Valve relay
(6) Motor relay
(7) Motor
(8) Front inlet solenoid valve LH
(9) Front outlet solenoid valve LH
(10) Front inlet solenoid valve RH
(11) Front outlet solenoid valve RH
(12) Rear inlet solenoid valve LH
(13) Rear outlet solenoid valve LH
(14) Rear inlet solenoid valve RH
(15) Rear outlet solenoid valve RH
(16) Body integrated unit
(17) Diagnosis connector RH
(18) Data link connector
(19) ABS warning light
(20) Brake warning light
(21) Stop light switch
(22) Stop light (TCM)
(23) G sensor
(24) Front LH
(25) Front
(26) Rear LH
(27) Rear
(28) Parking brake switch
(29) Brake fluid level switch
(30) Engine control module (ECM)
(31) Transmission control module

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