The following schematic shows typical of a Standard Audio and . It consists of: (1) Copper strands. (2) Conductor (strands jacket). (3) Shield – in this case a metalized mylar foil. (4) Wire.

Standard Audio Wire Harness and Cable ComponentsStrands are the individual copper strands of a wire. Conductors are made up of copper strands that are covered with an insulating jacket (different colors of pliable plastic). Shield is a metallic, conductive layer wrapped around the inner conductors to reduce noise. It may be a metalized mylar foil, an electrically conductive plastic or actual strands of copper wire that are commonly not insulated. Wires are made up of the conductors (strands and insulating jackets) in a shield, and commonly surrounded by an outer plastic or rubber jacket. A harness or cable is a collection of wires that are bundled together for a speci?c purpose.

The copper strands go into an insulating jacket to become conductors. Conductors and their shields in an outer jacket are wires. Wires are bundled together to become harnesses or cable.

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