The following schematic shows the MC-44 Multi Function Microphone Wiring Diagram. MC-44 Multi Function Microphone enables you to talk and listen without having to move the radio. Just clip the mic where convenient and use it to listen and transmit. It has 8 pin RJ connector. Inside the microphone, there is a felt pad lightly glued to the microphone element housing. Removing the pad will increase the audio level.MC-44 Multi Function Microphone Wiring Diagram

There are several ways to increase the transmit audio level when using an MC-44DM. If you are using a single band transceiver such as the TM-231A, you can turn up the deviation control inside the transceiver. Do not turn up the deviation controls in dual banders such as the TM-731A because the audio will distort during repeater cross band operations.

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