The 2003 Jeep KJ Liberty is an electromechanical switch that uses a low current input from the Body Control Module (BCM) to control a high voltage output to the filaments.

Jeep Liberty Headlamp High Beam Relay Schematic Diagram When the coil is energized, an electromagnetic field is produced by the coil windings. This electromagnetic field draws the movable contact point away from the fixed normally closed contact point, and holds it against the fixed normally open contact point. When the coil is de-energized, spring pressure returns the movable contact point back against the fixed normally closed contact point. A resistor is  connected in parallel with the coil in the , and helps to dissipate voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference that can be generated as the electromagnetic field of the coil collapses.

30 – Common Supply
85 – Coil Ground
86 – Coil Battery
87 – Normally Open
87A – Normally Closed

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