To replace Rear Bulbs and on the 2008 Honda Accord EX series, do the following:

  1. Open the trunk. Remove the screw in the center of the fastener on the side of the trunk lining. Pull the lining back.
  2. Determine which of the three bulbs is burned out: stop/, back-up light or turn signal light.
  3. Remove the socket by turning it one-quarter turn counterclockwise.
  4. Pull the bulb straight out of its socket. Push the new bulb straight into the socket until it bottoms.
  5. Insert the socket back into the light assembly. Turn it clockwise to lock it in place.
  6. Turn on the lights to make sure the new bulb is working.
  7. Push the trunk lid trim back into position.
  8. Put the fastener into the hole on the side of the trunk lining. Reinstall the screw.

Honda Accord EX Taillight rear bulb components assembly diagram

1. Bulb (12V 5W)
2. Bulb, Wedge (12V 21W)
3. Bulb, Wedge (12V 21W)
4. assembly, Right.
5. Gasket, base
6. Socket (T20W S2)
7. Socket (T20W SY)
8. Socket (T20W W)
9. assembly, Left.
10. Gasket, base
11. Housing
12. Lens
13. Bulb (12V 21W/5W)
14. Grommet,
15. Nut, flange (5MM)

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