Honda Insight Wiring Diagram Electrical Cable Harness The following schematic shows the 2002 Honda Insight (3 Door DX KA CVT) Wiring Diagram and Electrical Cable Harness.

1. Cabin Wire Harness
2. Wiper Sub-Wire
3. Floor Wire Harness
4. Rear Wiring Harness
5. Tailgate
6. Instrument
7. Sub-Wire Tailgate
8. Dashboard
9. Interior Wire Assembly
10. Driver Door
11. Passenger Door
12. Mini Fuse (Taiheiyo) Puller
13. Turn Signal and Hazard Relay Assembly
14. Power Micro ISO Relay Assembly
16. Bolt-Washer (6×26)
17. TORX GROUND Bolt (6X20)
18. Ground Bolt (6×16)
19. Ground Bolt (6×24)
21. Mini Fuse (7.5A)
22. Mini Fuse (10A)
23. Mini Fuse (15A)
24. Mini Fuse (20A)

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