IR light dimmer circuit diagram The following page contains detail information regarding design and works of IR Light Dimmer for Household. The IR Light Dimmer is a device for adjusting lights in your home with any type of remote controller (tv, dvd, video). This device works only with 220V/50Hz and only for resistive loads of 40W-400W.

This device is based on PIC12F629 which is a small microchip microcontroller and therefore overall device is small and uses a few components. On you can find the IR-receiver, which in our case is TSOP1738, but you can use any other type of IR-receiver which has frequency of 38KHz. For output power stage you can use triac TIC206 or TIC216. For loads more than 150W you must add a heat sink on triac. The rest of parts are defined in schematic.

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