The metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect (, MOS-FET, or MOS FET) is a device used for amplifying or switching electronic signals. This device is built on a substrate of MOSFET Inverter Circuit Diagramp-type silicon. Two heavily doped n-type tubs are diffused in for the source (S) and the drain (D). Here, a voltage on the oxide-insulated gate electrode can induce a conducting channel between the two other contacts called source and drain.

The following schematic shows typical Inverter . In this circuit, VDD = 6 volts and the circuit for input voltages of Vin = 0,3, and 6 volts. Solution of these circuits almost always involves finding the output voltage, which in this case is VO = VDS, the voltage between the drain and ground, or the current in the drain, ID.

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