The 2009 Nissan Sentra flows in the standard pattern, that is, through the , the condenser with liquid tank, through the evaporator, and back to the . The evaporation through the evaporator coil is controlled by an externally equalized expansion valve, located inside the evaporator case. The system is also protected by a pressure relief valve, located in the rear head of the . When the pressure in the system increases to an abnormal level [more than 3,600 kPa (36.7 kg/cm2, 522 psi)], the release port on the pressure relief valve automatically opens and releases into the atmosphere.

The system is protected against excessively high or low pressures by the pressure sensor, located on the liquid tank. If the system pressure rises above or falls below the specifications, the pressure sensor detects the pressure inside the line and sends the voltage signal to the ECM.

The following shows detail flow/ cycle of the 2009 Nissan Sentra system. (click image to enlarge)

nissan sentra refrigerant flow diagramLegend:
1. Pressure relief valve
3. pressure sensor
4. Condenser (with liquid tank)
5. Expansion valve
6. Evaporator
7. Front blower motor
A. High-pressure gas
B. High-pressure liquid
C. Low-pressure liquid
D. Low-pressure gas
E. Outside air

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