Dual Fire Capacitor Discharge Ignition CDI The Dual Fire has 2 red power wires and 2 black ground wires. These wires are joined together internally and should also be joined together at termination. The EMS Dual Fire is essentially 2 systems in one. The odd numbered channels use one discharge capacitor and the even numbered channels use another. When wiring the output channel, the channel outputs must be connected to the negative side of each coil. The positive side of the coils share two common voltage output banks, one for odd channels and one for even channels.

The following file contains detail information regarding Circuit and for Dual Fire Capacitor Discharge Ignition System from EMS, herein you will learn on how to install the Dual Fire System (connecting to power, mounting, ignition leads and spark plug), wire the input and output channels, overhead protection, operation modes: rotary mode, trigger edge, power select, mode select, and for 4, 6 and 8 cylinders, rotary 3 coil examples, and rotary 4 coil examples.

Get more info of Circuit and for Dual Fire Capacitor Discharge Ignition System from EMS here – source: enginemanagement.com.au.

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