A permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motor consists of a permanent magnet and windings in the rotor. The winding is supplied with a DC voltage that causes a DC current to flow in the windings. Interaction between the magnetic field produced by the current and that of the permanent magnet causes the rotor to rotate. The following schematic shows a Permanent Magnet DC Motor Equivalent .

Permanent Magnet DC Motor Equivalent Circuit Diagram

The above circuit includes the resistance Ra and inductance La of the motor’s windings. When a DC supply voltage Va is applied to the , current ia flows in the and the motor torque to balance the load torque. Due to the movement of the in the magnetic field a back-emf voltage eg is generated. The back-emf voltage opposes the voltage applied to the motor terminal and is proportional to the speed of the motor.

Get detail information of Permanent Magnet DC Motor Equivalent here:
DC Motor Drive – Link (source: www.ece.osu.edu)
Elementary Theory of DC Permanent Magnet Motors – Link (source: www.rci.rutgers.edu)

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