reactor hid ballast circuit diagram The Reactor Electromagnetic HID Ballast is the simplest, smallest, most efficient and most economical type of electromagnetic ballast. The is electrically in series with the . There is no capacitor involved with the operation of the . Because of that, the current crest factor is desirably low, in the 1.4 to 1.5 range. Reactor ballasts feature a simple design, which uses the Line Voltage to ignite the . Reactors are generally used as Normal Power Factor devices. Their highest current draw occurs during starting, which must be allowed for in the capacity of the line. The line current can be lowered by using a capacitor across the line to achieve a High Power Factor of over 90 percent allowing more ballasts per circuit. This ballasts requires an ignitor to start the .

The Reactor ballasts limit the number of fixtures that can be used on a circuit because they draw substantially more current during starting (warm-up) and/or open-circuit operation (burned-out or missing ), than when the is operating normally.

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