The following file is an application note from describing the two stages of electronic ballast for a 250 W HID (high-intensity discharge) metal halide lamp. The ballast is composed of a boost converter (power factor controller PFC) working in fixed OFF time and an inverter composed of a full bridge that drives the lamp at low frequency square wave. The components include a PFC driver, half-bridge drivers, a microcontroller, an auxiliary power supply, a voltage reference, logic parts, an amplifier, comparators, power devices as Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, and fast diodes.

Auxiliary power supply circuit diagram Herein this file you will find detail information regarding 250 W HID lamp description, general circuit description, board description, L6385 high-voltage high and low side driver, ST7LITE39 microcontroller (application pin), auxiliary power supply, TS272 high-performance CMOS dual operational amplifiers, LM119 high-speed dual comparators, 74AC00 QUAD2-input NAND gates, lamp data, PFC section design criteria, full bridge design criteria, experimental results, firmware flowchart, references, and revision history.

Get detail information about Circuit Diagram for 250 W HID Metal Halide Electronic Ballast here – – free download PDF file.

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