Electronic Ballast Controller of a Fluorescent Lamp Circuit diagram The IRPLLNR2 is a high efficiency, high power factor, fixed output electronic ballast designed for driving rapid start fluorescent lamp types. The design contains an EMI filter, active power factor correction and a ballast control circuit using the IR21571. This device features 1 x 32W T8 Lamp, 1 x 36W T8 Lamp, 90-140VAC/60Hz and 185-265VAC/50Hz input, High Power Factor/Low THD, High Frequency Operation (42kHz), Lamp Filament Preheating, Brownout Protection, Lamp Fault Protection with Auto-Restart and IR21571 HVIC Ballast Controller.

The ballast control section is built around the IR21571 Ballast Control IC, IC2 of the Demo board. The IR21571 contains an oscillator, a high voltage half-bridge gate driver and lamp fault protection circuitry.

Get detail information of Circuit Diagram for Electronic Ballast Controller of a Fluorescent Lamp using IR21571 here – free download PDF file. (source: irf.com)

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