Upon buying the Sony Blu-ray T10/T11 BD/ home theatre system, you will get 2 front speakers, 2 surround speakers, 1 center , 1 subwoofer, 1 AM loop antenna, 1 FM wire antenna, 5 cords (white/ red/ blue/ gray and green), 1 video cord, 1 remote commander, 2 AA R6 batteries, 1 calibration mic, 1 set foot pads, operating instruction manual, and TV connections guide, setup disc (), 1 digital media port adapter (TDM-iP20), and operating instruction manual for the digital media port adapter.

BDV-T10T11 Speaker and TV Cable Connection Schematic DiagramThe following file contains detail schematic diagram and instruction for connecting your new Upon buying the Sony Blu-ray T10/T11 BD/ home theatre system to and TV set. The connector of the cords and the color tube are color-coded depending on the type of . Connect the cords to match the color of the jacks of the unit. Be sure to match the cords to the appropriate terminals on the speakers: the cord with the color tube to 3, and the cord without the color tube to #. Do not catch the cord insulation (rubber covering) in the terminals.

Get more information on Sony Blu-ray BDV-T10/T11 and TV Schematic Diagram here – http://www.docs.sony.com/release/BDVT10_connection_EN_ES.pdf – free download PDF file.

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